“I would like to thank the my mom, the Academy, YOU…” Automators, We’ve taken a lot of time to dive deep into the question, “What is an Automator?” To recap, an Automator is someone who is clear, who is conscious, who creates, and who gives. When you can say, “I am an Automator,” you are[…]

How Can I Give? (Part 3 of 5)

You don’t need a grand gesture to give. Automators, I don’t know if you’re into the podcast world, but it’s something that I’ve recently discovered and I LOVE IT. I am listening to this podcast called, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking.” Essentially, the host of the show goes around asking people to give an honest answer[…]

Stay Focused, Automator! (Part 5 of 5)

If you lose focus, you…well, you just lose. Automators, When attention is scattered, it gets really easy to lie to ourselves. Remember the visions and realities that we want to make come true? Well, when we lose focus, we start to lie to ourselves and say, “Ah, it’s not that important,” or, “I was crazy[…]

Take One Little Step (Part 4 of 5)

Starting is often the hardest part. Automators, A few days ago, you identified what skills you need to learn to turn your vision to reality. Yesterday, you Googled them. And today, I want you to take one TINY step forward toward learning those skills. So for the ‘building a website’ example, you can go to[…]

Create the Life You Want! (Part 2 of 5)

H8ers are always tryin’ to getcha down. But, you shouldn’t worry about that (reason below). Automators, It is really easy to get discouraged. Why? Because we often feel like we never have a HUGE breakthrough. We just keep learning, little by little. And, doing things little by little can be taxing and super frustrating. But[…]